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The Versatile Blogger Award

Wow! Just a few weeks ago I received a Liebster Award nomination, and now I’ve also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by thoughtsonmybookshelf. Thank you so much! Needless to say, I’m deeply flattered and very thrilled.

To accept this award, first I’m supposed to list 7 interesting facts about myself. I have no idea whether or not the following are actually interesting, but they are at least facts:

1. I’m an INFJ, although my T and F scores were very close. For those scratching their heads, this references the Myers-Briggs personality test. My result means I’m an Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judger. See if this is what I convey in my reviews, haha.

2. I pace through rooms of my house while I brush my teeth. Not sure what that says about me.

3. I have an orange tabby cat. Rather than go with a literary namesake, my family gave him the ordinary name of “Sammy.” However, I like to believe it’s short for Samwise Gamgee, which is fitting since the cat and hobbit are both very sweet, loyal, and occasionally fierce.

4. I had a bit of a Star Wars obsession when I was younger that continues in a slightly tamer form to this day. As a result, I have a collection of about 80 Star Wars books. This is made up primarily of guidebooks, the Bantam paperbacks from the 1990s, and many of the Scholastic books for younger readers (written by Jude Watson). I know there are a lot of fans out there with much huger collections, but I’m very pleased with mine. (I can’t see it getting that much bigger in the future).

5. My younger brother makes a habit of reading my posts right after they are published and emailing me a list of grammatical errors and typos, which I then fix. So if you catch a mistake 2 days or more after I publish, blame him 🙂

6. I’m an Evangelical Christian, and my faith is really important to me. I believe that because of my sins, I deserve to be eternally separated from God. However, Jesus took my punishment by dying in my place, and he rose from the dead three days later. Because I’ve accepted the offer of God’s grace, I will be with him in heaven after I die. Being a Christian has really had a huge impact on my life. What difference does it make to know that I have a Savior who loves me and has a plan for my life? All the difference in the world.

7. I’ve just return from a 12-day trip to the UK. It was part of a King Arthur course with my university, and we visited London, Winchester, Bath, Tintagel, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and Oxford.  My Stats page says the country with my second-highest readership is the UK…so if any of you happened to see a girl wearing pink and black sneakers (trainers) and a green messenger bag trying to navigate the Tube in London, that was me. I had a fantastic time and would love to return someday!

For the next part, I’m supposed to list 15 great blogs. I’ve already listed some of my favorites over on my Liebster post, and as I’ve only been blogging for half a year, I’m still slowly adding blogs to the list of ones I follow.

Therefore, I think what I’ll do is repay this very gracious award in installments. I’m going to list 5 blogs right now, and then over the next few months, I’ll do one or two more posts listing the rest.






Again, thank you for taking the time to read!


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