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Taylor Swift Book Tag Challenge

…in which I list books in categories based on Taylor Swift song titles! I found this challenge on MissPrint’s blog, and it was originally created by The Book Life.

We Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together (a book/series you were pretty sure you loved but then wanted to break up with): While Divergent was a lot of fun, I didn’t care as much for Insurgent. Given what I’ve heard about Allegiant, I’m glad I quit when I did.


Red (a book with a red cover): so gorgeous.


The Best Day (a book that makes you feel nostalgic): Guaranteed to make me wish I were still living in London.

sherlock holmes

Love Story (a book with forbidden love): She’s the daughter of a general, he’s a slave.

winner's curse

I Knew You Were Trouble (a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love): Anyone who is familiar with Les Miserables knows that Javert is not the villain of the story at all. He is one of my favorite characters in a book full of fascinating characters.


Innocent (a book that someone ruined the ending for): I used to have this bad habit of flipping through a book and reading random pages before I’d finished it. That’s how I discovered the identity of the Mel’s mysterious correspondent in Crown Duel. However, his identity really wasn’t hard to guess anyway, and it remains one of my all-time favorite books.

crown duel

Everything Has Changed (a book with a character who goes through extensive character development): The whole book takes place over a number of consecutive summers as Coriel comes of age and slowly gains better understanding of the world around her.

summers at castle auburn

You Belong With Me (my most anticipated book release): Alexandra Bracken writing a time travel novel? Okay!!!


Forever and Always (my favorite book couple): Kate/Matt forever.


Begin Again (a series that deserves a second chance): one day…

master and commander

Wonderland (a book that features your favorite fictional world): I’m going to shy away from some more obvious answers. Tanith Lee really has a gorgeous, witty, and completely wacky way of building worlds, so you’d never be bored living in any of her books.

black unicorn

Last Kiss (a series that you’re not ready to let go, even though it ended): One of the best YA fantasy series I’ve ever read. And it was only two books! Don’t stop, Ms. Hartman!


Clean (a series where you’re glad it’s over): It really wrapped up just when it needed to.


Wildest Dreams (your favorite fictional guy): I actually found Gen rather annoying in The Thief, but loved him to death by King of Attolia.

The Queen's Thief Series

Enchanted (a book you found by chance that you ended up loving): The best books are always found by accident at my local used bookstore.

quest for a maid

Shake it Off (a book I love so much that I just shake off the haters): I’m always so shocked when I find out that people think it’s boring. Boring! 


Today was a Fairy Tale (my favorite retelling): A retelling of “East of the Moon, West of the Sun,” which is similar to Beauty and the Beast. Apparently she is writing a sequel!


And now I encourage you to do the challenge for yourself!

(I know this blog’s been dormant for a long time, but I’m trying to bring it back to life.)



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